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Tips for Article Marketing - Learn How to Write a Unique Article

Article marketing if done correctly can bring one lots of traffic to a blog or website. People often times find article marketing extremely difficult and they will just sit there pulling there hair out trying to figure out what to write. In fact it isn't really that difficult. Below I will tell you how to write a unique article.

1) Title - For your title this is going to be the Keyword. You may have to change it around a bit with words such as "How to, discover, learn, etc.)

2) Summary - Your summary should be about 2-5 sentences of what you article is about.

3) Introduction - Make sure that you use your keyword phrase in here and that your into and also your summary are interesting. Most people often look at the summary and the introduction and if it is not eye catchy they won't continue reading.

3) Body - Use your keywords here also. Here you will want to fill up the space that you found on other articles. DO NOT COPY & PASTE - you will be penalized for it and most article directories won't even tolerate once. Re-write the info you find on others and put it in your own words.

4) Conclusion - This is where you end your article but don't promote your product here or your website you need to save that for the resource box.

5) Resource Box - This is where you put your website. Most article sites won't allow hop links but you can link to your own personal domain (not a sub domain). You can also link to your blog, squidoo or hub page. When doing your resource box make sure that it is a continuation of the article and that you are not trying to sell them anything. Make it look natural.

There now you know how to do article marketing correctly and how to write a unique one. Please make sure you that you don't copy and paste other people's information. This is the same for you domain names to or blogs. If you copy someone else's info and someone reports you google will penalize you blog and you won't make any sales. Good luck with article marketing and I wish all of you the best of success.

If you don't want to write your articles you can outsource them, which means you can pay someone to write articles for a fee. The cost is $5-10 per article. and if it is anything less I guarantee that it'll be low quality. I do not recommend this when you are first starting out article marketing. Write the first 20 or so your self and then once you start making money you can outsource them.

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