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Attraction Marketing - Are You Simply Going Through the Motions?

Attraction Marketing has been the BUZZ word in Internet Marketing circles for awhile now.
It is truly amazing that with the number of programs, websites, and affiliates out there promoting their Attraction Marketing systems they are missing the mark.
They are "talking the talk", but not "walking the walk.
" What is your concept of what Attraction Marketing is all about? Many purported "attraction marketers" simply have no clue what the real meaning is.
Yet it is so very simple.
Attraction Marketing is all about selling the world on YOU! Not your programs, not your eBooks, not your newsletters, but YOU the person.
YOU, the valuable fount of information and assistance.
YOU, the leader.
Attraction Marketing is about being an asset to others.
It is about giving of yourself, and not looking for something in return.
This attitude, this persona, attracts people to it like ants to a sugar cube.
When you are running down every warm body you can find, and then beating them over the head with your sales pitch, everyone starts to duck and hide.
The "3 foot rule" is long dead my friends.
Conversely, if you approach people with the attitude of: o "What can I do to help you?" o "What can I do for you that will provide you value?" o "Here is a ton of free information that I went out and gathered together just for you, because I thought you would find it useful.
" These are the things that will draw people to you.
This is the magnetic positive to the magnetic negative.
This does not mean that you are an utter servant to all who approach you.
Au contraire mon ami.
If you are going to be a generous servant, then at the very least, the people you serve, must qualify to be worthy of your service! This places you in a position of power.
That is attractive to others.
Catering to tire kickers, and "help me, help me" types, will get you nowhere fast.
Your goal is to be of benefit to those who truly want to grow.
Those who truly want to listen to what you have to say, and make productive use of it.
This is the person that you want to attract.
This is the person who is going to show up on your doorstep one day, and say, "Hey, you really know what's going on, Can I join you?" When you can set back, and discuss your programs, systems, whatever, with someone else, and remain 100% detached from the outcome of that conversation, you are then an Attraction Marketer.
You are no longer worried that this person joins you or not.
If they do not, then that is their loss, and you are better off in the long run anyway.
This doesn't mean that you are arrogant, or self righteous in any way.
You are simply not feeding off of the "emotions" of the deal.
You state your case, and you move on.
If a business relationship grows out of it, that's great.
If it does not, well that's fine also.
You can still have a good chat over a cup of coffee, and enjoy the conversation.
Here Is To Your Total Success!!!

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