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Graphology at Home-Lesson 14-Examination and Answers

Examination for Lesson 14

1. Is a 'sign' in handwriting analysis reliable on its own, or must it be properly weighed to be regarded as proof?

A. Reliable on its own___ B. Must be properly weighed___

Describe the letterform reflecting:
2. Intelligence and culture
3. Inexactness
4. Shyness
5. Aggression and ambition
6. Interest in architecture or in mechanically related fields
7. The meddler; argumentative
8. Carelessness and neglect
9. Talkativeness
10. Inferiority complex
11. Depression; suicidal tendencies
12. "Down in the dumps"
13. Sensuality
14. The embezzler, the crook, the hypocrite (see Stalin's writing)
15. Construction and mechanical ability (see Thomas Edison's writing)
16. Hypochondria
17. Vulgarity
18. One who does not compromise
19. Musical interest
20. Culture, literary oriented (see Victor Hugo and Mark Twain's handwritings)
21. Keen observation
22. Self-admiration
23. Feeling of protection
24. Defiantly declares a social withdrawal
25. Undue claim of self-importance
26. A sex life that is of an uncommon sort
27. Writer's ego is of more importance than that of the "other person."
28. Hysteria
29. Fatigue and weakness
30. Secretiveness
31. Unusual habits
32. Curiosity
33. Money on writer's mind
34. Strong resistance to friendliness
35. Revolt
36. Friendliness and kindness
37. Depression
38. When an oval-shaped letter is wide open at the top, which
zone is being exposed?
39. Describe the writing in which inferiority feelings and temporary depressions are found.
40. When letters are written "too wide" what does this suggest?
41. Should an illegible, neglected, or omitted last letter be
taken as a warning or an indication of a trustworthy person?

A. Warning___ B. Trustworthy person___

42. When writing indicates that the minimum letters (a, c, e, etc.) are too wide, should
a lack of restraint be expected of such a writer or inhibition?
A.___ Lack of restraint B. Inhibition___

43. Unconscious mother fixation is found in which type of loop?

Answers for Lesson 14

1. Must be properly weighed

2. A block letter. Its construction is simplified.

3. The markings (on top of the letter) are inexact and unnecessary

4. The thin, narrow capital letter

5. The left leg of the letter 'A' is considerably longer than the right one.

6. The letter ('A') is constructed in a square fashion.

7. The left leg is considerably longer than the right, and descends deeply.

8. The bar of the A is missing

9. Open-mouthed ovals

10. A low bar such as in a capital letter (A, H) or in the 't' bar

11. An in-turned arc, piercing the capital (the ego).

12. The capital A or H bar strongly descends

13. The letter is ink-filled, pasty, blotchy

14. The oval letter is open at the bottom.

15. The letter is square shaped

16. Constant changes in the letter

17. The complicated, overdone, ugly letter.

18. The letter (such as the Palmer b, which is rounded on both top and bottom) is sharp at the top as well as at the bottom

19. The letter is in the form of a musical note

20. The Greek d, e, and g

21. The capital E is shaped as two concave arcs

22. An underlength that would underline the rest of the word.

23. When the top stroke extends over the whole word

24. The downstroke extends under the body of the letter and to the left.

25. The vulgar-looking and ornate letter has a vertical line added in unnecessarily.

26. Distortions in the lower zone or strangely shaped letters

27. The first part ('hump') of the 'm' is higher than the second.

28. The letter ('m') is written in thready form

29. The end of the downstroke (as in the letter 'm') is considerably more lightly written than the rest of the letter. Heading into the lower zone, as it does, the area where the strength of the individual lies, it implies fatigue and weakness.

30. Closed oval (at the top)

31. The hump (in the 'p') on the wrong side of the stem

32. The second part of the letter ( 'r') is lower than the first

33. The letter s resembles the dollar sign

34. An angular shaped letter that is normally written (according to the Palmer method) in a rounded fashion--such as the letter 'u.'

35. The word starts in a connected fashion, and suddenly the end of the word is left stranded, alone

36. The letter is made in a soft manner. Any letter with a gentle loop in the lower zone

37. The end stroke descends when it should be horizontal.

38. The opening exposes the lower zone

39. Small minimum (middle zone) letters

40. Typical of the spontaneous, broadminded, and "large" writer, who is sociable and sympathetic, eager to share with you and willing to let you share with him- he is "extroverted."

41. Warning

42. Impudence

43. Inflated lower loops 'pointing' leftward

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