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Named Driver Insurance - Protecting Your Car

Named driver insurance is a kind of insurance policy where the driver named is in addition to the principal driver.
Generally speaking the named driver is not the vehicle owner.
Knowing that car insurance policy have multiple drivers where in you called the main driver as the policy holder and if in case you have additional drivers no matter how many they are.
They are considered named drivers on the policy but they cannot be the owner.
There are many people who will consider themselves a named driver on an insurance policy either new young drivers, adults or old drivers for the reason that in this type of driver's insurance the premium are high due to lack of driving experience.
This can also be considering in the approach of sharing a car between the siblings, mother, father, etc.
which having just one policy and that make more sense as well you can also have a discount or work out cheaper.
What is good in having this kind of insurance, the named driver is that you can drive a car legally but however you don't build up any NCB which is the No Claims Bonus as long as you stay as a named driver.
Usually the one who can benefit your NCB is the policy holder not you yourself even you were a named driver for 2 or more years.
Not unless if you get a car insurance of your own then you will become a policy holder.
Although there are some insurance company who build up no claims bonus on second drivers and even give some discount if you take a policy in your name.
Named driver insurance is nothing compare to standard insurance since the discount you can get compare to standard insurance is less.
And one thing also is that the second driver insurance is not transferable to different car insurance company not if you stay with the same insurance company where in you've build up the claims free discount.
When you are group taking named car insurance, then you can get a cheaper rates.
When talking about group that means like in a family, brother, sister, mother and father driving a single car.
Getting secondary driver insurance is securing all the people who gets to use your auto or car to be covered in any accidents or damages that could happen with the vehicles and the driver.
This is cheaper than getting a new insurance policy.
Remember that accidents are not under our control and without being a part of the policy will result into a lot of driving violations as well.
Safety is always the concern of every driver and this is one of the great ways to be prepared always whenever you intend to drive a car or vehicle.
Usually the new driver likes to drive frequently so you need to get a named driver's insurance so that if anything will happen, at least you don't get any violation.
It is so awkward getting a policy for yourself without any car of your own so for the meantime, just buy auto insurance so you can drive legally the car of your father or mother.

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