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Wallpaper Techniques

    • Wallpaper application tips are easy to learn.wallpaper image by Svetlin Rusev from Fotolia.com

      The next time you are weighing your options regarding the paint color that will adorn your walls, it might be prudent to consider using wallpaper instead. With the plethora of designs and its many advantages over regular paint, wallpapers have carved a niche for themselves and can be easily applied by any homeowner. A number of detailed techniques can be employed to apply the wallpaper. Each method has its pros and cons.

    Apply Wallpaper Paste

    • A few steps can make the entire process much more efficient. The entire room must be painted with a wall primer before wallpaper application. Ideally, the wallpaper should be cut into sheets that are a few inches longer than the height of the walls and checked for defects before installation. Place the sheet face down on the worktable, and apply the wallpaper paste mixture on the back of the paper using a paint roller.

    Book the Paper

    • This process involves folding the paper in such a manner that its top and bottom ends meet in the middle. It is mandatory that the edges line up and the paper is smoothed onto itself to ensure an almost perfect look. Each type of wallpaper is accompanied by a label that specifies the exact booking time for which the paper must be set aside for the paste to soak in.

    Align the First Strip

    • The best place to apply the first strip is in the vicinity of a door toward the corner. The booked paper must be unfolded and hung on the wall. An overlap of about 2 inches at the ceiling is preferable. Adjust the paper's position to ensure that it is parallel to the door. A ½-inch overlap at the corner gives sufficient breathing room for potential alignment mistakes.

    Tuck and Trim

    • A paper smoother is essential for hanging wallpaper. Use the smoother's edge to tuck the paper while using the smoother to sweep over the entire sheet. Trim the excess paper using a razor and a trimming knife. It is imperative to not slide the trimming knife and the razor together.

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