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Will Global Warming Increase the Chances of a Killer Flu Pandemic?

There have been many research papers that claim that Global Warming (caused by man's CO2 emissions) will increase the risk and frequency of killer flu pandemics, but is this really true? Now, before I start this discussion you must know that it is my contention that the Earth, like all planets goes through a range of cycles, and that's just the way things go, so I do not buy into the global warming doom and gloom scenarios.
Not long ago, I read another one of these papers suggesting that Global Warming will cause pandemics, this one written by a Chinese Researcher; Guang Wu titled; "What These Trends Suggest?" In this paper the correlation is made, but I wonder what he would you say about the reason that the weird strain of Swine-Human-Bird Flu ended up in Mexico? It caused it's havoc during the summer heat, so does he believe that the heat caused proteins to modify and thus, allowed the virus to mutate? And if so, if this is his contention, would he also believe that people living in the Middle East under extreme heat would see more modification of flu strains? Thus, he should also believe that a place like Dubai is a future death trap, as it is close to water, humid and very hot, and could even be the next location of an outbreak or unseen strain? Perhaps, we should study the issues associated with ambient temperatures and killer flu pandemics and see if this hypothesized correlation has more to it, not because of the doom and gloom of man-made warming but because there are many questions still unanswered, so please consider all this.

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