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Reasons Why Men Leave Women They Love

    Clash of Personalities

    • Chemistry is a powerful catalyst responsible for bringing many couples together, but it doesn't help sustain of a relationship. There has to be more to a relationship than chemistry and physical attraction to keep people together. When two people get along well together, there is harmony within the relationship; however, if the couple is always arguing and bickering with one another, this creates tension and drama and makes for a volatile relationship. If the relationship requires too much work, the man might decide it is better to walk away than to try to salvage it.

    Emotional Intelligence

    • According to, psychotherapist Patricia Covalt, Ph.D. states, "Being dissimilar is manageable if both partners are emotionally intelligent and mature in maneuvering through it." If either partner lacks emotional intelligence, it creates a dysfunctional relationship. Neither partner understands what the other person needs or wants, and both partners are unhappy and dissatisfied with the relationship. When this happens, it is easy for the man involved in the relationship to walk away.

    Education and Career Goals

    • Many men prefer to do things whenever they want. These men are ambitious and may have important educational or career goals they are striving to achieve and don't have the time or energy to devote to a relationship. There is a lot of emotional responsibility involved in maintaining a solid relationship with another person. Some men are just not ready to sacrifice their career or educational goals to have a long-term relationship with a woman, even if he does truly love her.

    The Excitement Fades

    • Once couples become comfortable with one another, it is easy to take the other person for granted. Soon, the initial excitement that was there in the beginning starts to fade. When this happens, both partners may begin to lose interest with the other. According to "Psychology Today," many men in relationships express their desire for sex; however, many of them state how their significant others are disinterested in having sex with them. When the man desires sex and the woman doesn't, this causes sexual tension between partners, which leads to intimacy issues.

    Unresolved Feelings

    • While he may be in love with you, he might still have feelings for his ex-girlfriend. No one wants to believe that their significant other is being unfaithful, but sometimes strong feelings for another person are hard to ignore, especially when there is history involved. If he jumped into a relationship with you immediately after he broke up with his ex-girlfriend, this can create complications in your relationship. To have a solid, long-lasting relationship, he must resolve his feelings for his ex and decide what he wants before making a commitment to you.

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