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Monty Python - Spam And List Building

What on earth have Monty Python, Spam and List Building got to do with Internet Marketing ?

Well, perhaps a little explanation is required. Spam is a canned pre-cooked meat product made by the Hormel Foods Corporation but it was also a Monty Python sketch first televised in 1970. In the sketch two customers are trying to order a breakfast from a menu that includes the processed meat product in almost every dish. The term 'Spam' (in electronic communication, and general slang) is derived from this sketch.

There are three elements required in building a good list and they don't include Spam. Spamming is not conducive to building a relationship and communicating with your prospect on a regular basis. If you have been keeping up on my blogs you will know that I have clearly stated that the Internet Service Providers absolutely detest Spam. Why people think they need a massive list to make big money is not explainable but I guess that is the way of the world.

Getting back to the process we don't manage our 'list building' lists ourselves because we are not specialists in back office management of email marketing. The back office stuff is making sure that all your servers are compliant with what ISP's are looking for to make sure that you have an opt out facility on your list as well and also to make sure your company sits right and is obeying all the Spam laws and all the Spam regulations that ISP's are bringing in. Now you can do that yourself but as an Internet Marketer you don't want to be bogged down with all the technology, processes and legalities, thus being able to concentrate on puting your products to market and making the money.

We use Aweber for this process, there is another company called Total Business System which is a white label at One Shopping Cart. To produce a clean and legal list of prospects is achieved by a single and double lock, now what do we mean by that - if you have signed up to a list and you have left your email address and then you have been taken somewhere else to click onto another link via an email that gets sent out to you to say, we have received your request to join this list, please can you just click on this link because we hate Spam as much as you do to confirm that it was you that wanted to join the list. That second process is whats known in the trade as a double lock-in and that produces a far cleaner and discerning list of prospects.

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