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Milf dating older women and younger men (milfs and toyboys)

The development of older experienced women going for much younger men has made considerable amount of progress over the past few years. Years ago nobody would have even thought an older women would go for a younger man or even given it a seconds thought. But in the last ten years young men's dreams have become a reality and now more and more older women tend to go for a younger chap. Perhaps it makes them feel much younger than what they actually are or it is simply a fetish they have. But then people might start to ask the question if it's a fetish of there's then why didn't older women go for younger men years and years ago then?

One key contribution to this might be the fact of the upcoming of the now so often used word milf or M.i.l.f which is an abreviation. This word tends to be used so much these days and is very popular all over the world. Another word that is slightly older is the word cougar which also is a type of cat. It is more known these days as an older women looking for a younger man of course. The final contribution to why women tend to go for the younger man is the young men themselves have been labeled toyboys. I believe this is a strong contribution towards why cougars date toyboys and why they didn't years ago. Also perhaps women maybe thought it was abit wrong if they dated a man that was younger than there eldest son.

It is very well known that young boys and men have this fantasy of sleeping with a woman twice there age. Most teenage boys will have that as one of there targets in life and will hope that a cougar will come along and make that dream a reality. The big turn on for these toyboy when milfs are concerned is the fact that they are more experienced and more mature than younger girls or girls there own age. A mature is another well known phrase associated with older women seeking a young man. It just goes to show that the world does really move on and things do change very quickly. 

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