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How do I Use Fire Hoses for Fuel Transfer?

    • 1). Push the one-way siphon valve into one end of the fire hose used for the fuel transfer. Insert the non-valve end into the fuel tank.

    • 2). Cup your hand around the valve end of the hose. Place the tank where the fuel is to be transferred next to the valve end of the hose. Place it near but not in your mouth. Inhale until the valve gurgles with fuel and then quickly place it into the fuel tank. Use a funnel if necessary to ensure the smooth flow of the gas from one tank to the other via the hose.

    • 3). Keep the tank with the valve end of the hose lower than the tank the fuel is coming from. Monitor the fuel transfer and make sure spills are kept to a minimum.

    • 4). Remove the end of the hose in the tank the fuel is being taken from when the fuel flow begins to wane. Hold it up to drain the remaining fuel from the hose. Remove the valve end of the hose from the transfer tank.

    • 5). Rinse the inside of the hose out in a safe location where the gas-water mix has a safe place to drain. Coil up the fire hose and mark it with a sharpie as a fuel transfer hose only. Store the hose outside in a dark, cool location.

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