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Sales Tip - Top Salespeople Know to Underscore and Not Space Out Serving Their Prospects!

Recently a sales entrepreneur friend had an aha moment.
She found that naming a file with an underscore solved her previous online forum group problems when naming a file with a space.
Isn't it amazing that one little character difference can make massive results? If you sell anything - products, services or ideas - then you want to understand this: it's about putting the underscore, the emphasis, on your prospect and customer! Marketing and selling are not about you.
Now if you are an extrovert, take a deep sigh of relief and let that sink in.
Your attention and conversation can lead to what you want to say and present; but first, it's about the customer.
Take time to listen and then respond to what your prospect tells you they need or want to know.
Hold back on your natural social reflexes to talk about yourself and your company.
If you are an introvert, take heart that you can be relieved too.
Because you are already a natural at listening, trust that this one honed skill will guide you to know what to say about yourself and your company at the perfect time.
Emphasize what the customer wants, not what you want to say.
Think about the salespeople you like to buy from.
Now, what is one of the reasons you choose them? One big reason is that they talk about what you want to talk about.
They don't just go off on their own agenda or spiel.
It doesn't matter whether you are an introvert or extrovert - you can sell to what the customer wants.
Confusion and misunderstanding are preventable.
Communication and interpersonal skills are keys in sales.
You can easily avoid any sales mishaps of a confused prospect when you put them to work for your relationship.
Polished presentation skills, active listening and writing clearly are all critical.
Taking time to always be in rapport, talking through concerns and getting closer to a decision to buy with each contact are easier with an underscore of the prospect.
Do you want to know how to close that space between you and your prospects? It's easy: underscore their importance in the sales relationship and build trust as you focus on them.

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