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Want Better Hands?

Of course you do, every athlete wants better hands, Hands that are faster and stronger.
Receivers and running backs need better hands to catch the ball and to hold onto it once they have it.
Defensive linemen need better hands to fight off blocks, offensive linemen to improve their punch drill.
Many of you may have tried weighted gloves getting varied results.
With the weights on the back of the hand and wrist, you get only a partial hand work out.
To develop strong hands you need something that will work out the entire muscle groups starting with the fingers and extending to the forearms.
Super Bowl XLIII Santonio Holmes was looking for something that could give him stronger fingers and hands, improve his grip while increasing his hand speed.
What he wanted to achieve as he said, in the 4th quarter when guys are tired was to be able to get his hands up quicker, tuck the ball away faster and be able to fend off ball attacks from tacklers.
What Holmes found and uses to achieve his goals is finger weighted hand gloves.
He was introduced to them last year and trained with them all season.
What makes the finger weighted hand gloves unique are the curved flexible weights sewn into each finger of the gloves.
Regular weighted gloves have weights on the backs of the hands and some on the wrist, giving the hands a limited work out.
Often they are bulky and lack flexibility.
While the weighted gloves with weights in the fingers are not only flexible, they give your hands a full finger work out, exercising every muscle group in the hands from the fingers to the forearms.
If you want more hand speed, stronger fingers, better ball grip do what Santonio Holmes did, look at the finger weighted agility gloves as a football training aid.

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