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How to Use Bible

    • 1). Read the center of the home page. With any bible-believing Christian, knowing fully about an organization and what it stands for is essential beforehand. This home page reveals the site's purpose and includes a disclaimer, doctrinal statement and a link to the affiliation. After reading about this organization, you can then choose to proceed deeper into the website.

    • 2). Look to the left side of the page at the panel that is located there. There is an extensive list of topics from which to choose. These are neatly organized in an alphabetical listing. Look down the list and choose one that you are interested in and click on it.

    • 3). Click on "False Teaching" to view a list of resources related to this topic. Clicking on any one of these resources will cause an article to appear. You can read these articles and then click the "Back" button to get back to the list of articles.

    • 4). Click on "Encouragement" and read articles written for the sole purpose of encouraging believers and helping them walk in their faith. This is a section of the site that you will want to revisit periodically.

    • 5). Click on "Radio Broadcasts" to find a listing of local broadcast stations and their times.

    • 6). Click on "Saved? Sure?" On this page will be a list of articles that relate to salvation. Some articles that will inspire and increase your faith include "Have You Considered This?" "Are You Saved? Are You Sure?" and "The Blood of Jesus."

    • 7). Click on "Helpful Websites." While Bible Believers .net doesn't list all of the material related to the links that are posted on this section, it provides it for your research purposes. There is a hefty list of links to other websites that relate to biblical topics.

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