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Quarterback Training - How to Grip the Football

Quarterbacks training on how to throw the football with accuracy and a tight spiral can find it tough.
Quarterbacks need to learn how to properly grip the football.
Easier said than done, especially given the shape of the football and its lumpy laces.
You want to include how to grip the football in your quarterback training routine to improve your throw.
Hand size is not as critical on how to grip the football as are strong hands and fingers.
Quarterbacks training how to grip the football should include strength development for both the hand and fingers.
How to grip the football begins when the ball is snapped, depending on hand size, have at least the wring finger on the laces.
When you are learning how to hold the football, you do not want that ball flush in your hand.
The ball is gripped mostly with the fingers.
As the ball rests in your hand, there should be daylight between the ball and the hand where the thumb and forefinger form the U in which the ball rests.
Smaller hands are more towards the back of the football.
The larger hands more towards the middle with the air between the web of that hand and ball.
As you learn how to grip the football, you will learn the importance of the fingers.
Fingers control the spiral and flight of the ball.
Strong fingers and hands are needed for efficient passing.
The index finger should rest on top of the ball, however if the quarterback is having control issues, move the index finger back towards the point of the ball.
Let's Review: 1.
Make sure the laces are face up away from the hand.
Place your throwing hand over the ball with at least the wring finger over the laces, preferably the second or higher lace.
While letting the rest of your fingers spread over the ball.
Make sure there is daylight between the hand and the ball.
Make sure the thumb is opposite the lace on the underside of the ball.
Do some practice throws, see how the ball feels in your hand while checking the flight pattern of the ball.
If you need more control over the ball slide the index finger back towards the end of the ball.
In conclusion quarterback training on how to grip the football is an important fundamental in becoming a successful passer.
A proper grip does require strong hands and fingers.
We recommend quarterbacks train with the some of the heavy footballs available..
Training with a heavy football will develop stronger hands and fingers giving quarterbacks more confidence in how the grip the football.
Gripping the ball properly and practicing the quick release usually requires a training partner.
One product that allows the quarterback to practice alone while improving their grip and a quick release is the PassBack Football.
Quarterbacks training with the PassBack Football, you can take up to 20 reps per minute.
Strengthening your fingers, giving them more ball control and improving hand to eye coordination while improving your grip.

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