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5 Simple Anger Management Activities You Can Use to Begin to Control Your Anger

We all get angry from time to time.
It's when we start to make a habit of being perpetually angry that we need to deal with it.
Here are some easy anger management activities that can help you to control your angry bouts.
Relaxation In the heat of the moment, this isn't the easiest thing to do.
But if you practice relaxing at times when you aren't about to burst a blood vessel, you can then apply the same techniques when you feel your wrath rising.
Breathing deeply A bit like the relaxation option but one that it's a lot easier to use in any circumstance.
We all breathe, so no-one need notice that you're using deep breathing to help control your angry moods.
Vent somewhere Go for a walk to the middle of nowhere and take your anger out on a tree by shouting at it.
Some people will argue that trees have feelings too, but this is nowhere near as bad as ruining someone else's day because you just couldn't hold your temper any longer.
Sing to yourself OK, this works better in a karaoke bar than it does in the middle of a crowded office.
But you can sing to yourself in your head if you prefer.
Choose a soothing song rather than, say, Iron Maiden.
Play a computer game Sure, lots of these are violent.
But that's actually the point here.
Playing a game and killing computer generated strangers can often be a good way of getting rid of your angry feelings.

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