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Affiliate Marketing School - Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Does affiliate marketing work?...
Sometimes I would have wished that there were an affiliate marketing school when I got started...
Actually, that is the question that many people ask themselves these days...
Why? Well, there is actually so much information online and misleading information out there that you don't know where to start or if it is even possible.
There is people how is out there for the big buck and bring no real value to people like you and me.
So, the question "does affiliate marketing work?" , is a completely valid question to ask, Well, I personally know people how makes several thousand and much more online, And trust me, some of them make most of their money from affiliate marketing, It is a great business model because you don´t have to create a new product, the product already exist and has a sales letter that is already converting, You just have to insert your affiliate id, (like with clickbank) and start promoting! But, to be completely honest, most people have problem with the "promotion" part, And people online doesn't make it easier for you...
And the people that do make an income online are so busy creating their own business, that they doesn't always have the time to help others, But, yes, it does work (smile) How do you do it? Step one: Find a great product to promote, and when I say good, I mean a product that is "Hot", a product that selling and performing well already.
Step two: Promote the product, because, traffic equals to sales.
Usually, the standard for a product to convert should be 1 buyer for every 100 unique visitors to your product/site.
There is other factors that affects the conversion but that is the basics, Personally I prefer using free methods to promote my sites, But others prefer using other methods like Ezines or Google AdWords, If you don't have much money to get started, start with the free methods like article writing and the go one step further when you have earned something.
So, If you should ask me: Does affiliate marketing work? Yes, I can assure you it does!

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