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Raw Feeding - Advantages of Feeding Your Dog a Raw Diet

The biggest question dog owners have is why would I feed my dog a raw diet? They feel commercial dog food is so easy and they don't have to touch the raw meat.
Well, here is a long list of advantages.
Your dog will not have a doggie odor - Wow, now wouldn't that be great? All dog owners would love that.
It cleans your dog's teeth NATURALLY - The enzymes in raw meat naturally clean their teeth so you don't have to brush their teeth or worry about gum disease.
The long time it take your dog to chew on a raw meaty bone will give their stomach sufficient time to get the acids moving.
You will be amazed at how fast this works once you get them on a Raw diet.
It is good for their muscles - When you give your dog a good raw meaty bone to chew, it develops the muscles in their neck, jaw and shoulders.
It's impossible for kibble to work any of your dogs muscles because they don't have to work at chewing their food.
Puppies develop naturally, not growing too fast - A puppy needs to grow and develop in a natural state.
There are chemicals in commercial dog food that interrupt this growth pattern and will speed up their growth and this is very unnatural.
Any good breeder will understand this.
Much lower Vet bills - your dog will be so very healthy on a Raw diet that your Vet bills will definitely decrease and may even be non-existent.
We all know how expensive the Vet can be.
Your dog food won't cost as much - As you probably know, commercial dog food is so very expensive.
You can find a butcher who will work with you if you are a frequent customer.
Still not convinced? Here are some benefits actual dog owners have found after putting their dog on a raw diet.
No More Allergies: Those dog owners who's dog had bad allergies found that the raw food makes that disappear.
Commercial dog food is full of grains and that creates most of the allergies in our pets.
Arthritis Was Controlled: For those dogs that suffered with arthritis, it was dramatically reduced and in many cases it even disappeared.
Weight Control: Their weight is so much better controlled which also makes them healthier.
More Energy: They noticed how energetic their dog became even if they had been sluggish for years.
Live Longer Lives: It has been proven they can live longer lives on a raw diet.
Great for Pregnant Females: Females can manage their pregnancies much better.
Not everyone is going to put their dog on a Raw diet, but it's a good thing to research if you want your dog to stay healthy.
I understand that some dog owners just don't have the time to do this so if you stay on commercial dog food please make sure you buy only "Premium" kibble.

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