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Getting The Best Prospects In Network Marketing

I have been looking today at how my team is going and where I want to head.
Like you no doubt I want to grow as fast as possible and have the best people I possibly could in my team.
Who are these? Qualities Those with a huge reason "why" - the sort that makes them cry.
These are the ones who will stick it out when the times get tough - when some rough replies come in, or people quit.
Then also those prepared to work hard.
At least as hard as is necessary to get the system working.
There is no easy way to get numbers in your team without putting in some time.
My Reason For Network Marketing Now why do I want to be in network marketing? I want to have time freedom to pursue my own goals.
And MLM allows this.
A home based business that I can do intensely a few hours a day and eventually, when the residuals kick in high enough, and I envision this as a couple of years' time, I can then take six months to a year off without having to work.
In this time I can devote myself to as much work on my special interest - nuclear fusion energy - as I want.
And really get somewhere.
And when that is done there is a whole lot more to explore.
So I want time freedom with a huge income to get me there or along the way.
I want to get there fast.
And I want to get there with the best leverage on my time- that is not being too involved in the process - or as little as I can be to get there.
And what is the best way to do this? How To Get There Fast With an ideal internet based network marketing system.
This goes 24/7 and allows me to do my other work meanwhile and to sleep! What could be better? And if I sound off and put some not so keen people off, so much the better.
You only want those who are really keen as they in the end use up much less of your spare time and get there faster.
The earnest ones will always take you further! See you at the top!

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