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Dating Tips For Women! Here Are the Keys You Should Absolutely Know Before You Start Dating

Women, listen up.
There are so many ways to hook a guy on a first date, and if you can't, don't feel bad.
Not all men you date will like you.
This is something you have to face.
It's just like same with women - they will not like all the men they end up dating.
This is what dating is all about.
So, to help you find out if you are going to find true happiness with a guy, here are some dating tips to help you out.
Dress to please yourself first Most women assume that they should dress to make a man interested in her.
However, truly, the best date a guy could ever go on would include dating someone who isn't squirming in her seat, or adjusting a strap here and there.
It's distracting.
It's annoying, and it's not going to help - at all.
Avoid heavy make-up The honest truth is that using too much make-up makes you look desperate, and if you can't see this by now, you should.
Make-up also makes men think you're trying to hide something.
If you do have a flaw you're ashamed of, there are other ways of dealing with it.
Make-up can even be used, but in a way that is not obvious.
Ask the help of a make-up artist.
Chew with your mouth closed Ever watched Sandra Bullock in Ms.
Congeniality? Right, don't eat with that half-masticated cow showing in your mouth.
Chew delicately, and avoid stuffing your moth with too much food.
Above all, don't laugh with food in your mouth.
Don't be afraid to take the lead When men look indecisive in a date, it only means that he's not sure how to please you, so show him how.
Tell him what you would like to do or eat.
Give him choices so he doesn't feel pressured to measure up.
Besides, he might not have enough money to bring you to your favorite bar, so make sure he can select from a list.
Be honest Instead of being rude because you're not enjoying your date, just be honest and end the date early.
Don't eat like a bird Don't do this unless you are sick, under medication, or just not hungry.
If you order something, it would not look bad if you finished your food.
It would be a lot better than picking on it and ending up with a disgusting mess on the table.
Give him your undivided attention A date is a date is a date - and this means that if you're going to a party, don't dump him for your friends or another guy.
If you plan to do this, end it properly.
However, doing this will not make you look good, and remember, guys talk too.

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