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Split Testing the Way Google Monitors the Internet

Split testing is an SEO method that is used by many webmasters and internet marketers.
Basically it is a way for marketers to test user responses to different versions of the same page - usually the site's landing page.
Typically the version of the landing page that elicits the best response from users is the one used.
Although split testing is a time consuming process, it is always used because it gets results.
Changes to the landing page done in a split test are typically minor alterations such as a different size headline font or a differently worded headline.
This process of changing the landing page and measuring the number of visitors is repeated many times over until the webmaster gets the best possible landing page version that brings in the highest number of visitors as well as also keeps them reading for the longest period of time.
Many webmasters use SEO tools such as the various Google monitors on Google Webmaster Tools and also SEO tools like Google Analytics to keep track of vital site statistics like how many visitors the site has and even specific actions such as clicking on an ad or buying something on the site.
Unfortunately these types of site monitor, while they provide a wealth of statistical data, cannot convey the effectiveness of a page's content or design.
These days many site owners undertake paid advertisements in the form of banner ads and text or flash advertisement to get visitors, and they need to find a way to measure how compelling the site is to retain these visitors.
Split testing is a great way to find out what keeps visitors and what drives them away.
As mentioned before, split testing is a tedious and labor intensive process; Google however, has come to the rescue with its Website Optimizer tool.
Like all other Google site monitor tools, the Website Optimizer makes it easy for the webmaster to do split tests faster and more efficiently than ever before.
Google's Website Optimizer automates the entire split testing process and allows webmasters simultaneously test different version of a particular page at the same time.
Not only is the Website Optimizer free, it has also been designed to be easy to use.
Thanks to this tool, split testing now can be done by anyone, and not just advanced website designers or internet marketing gurus.
One of the features of the Website Optimizer is a checklist that lets users select test pages and set parameters for the desired goal.
The tool also interprets the split test's results for further analyzing by the tester.
Anyone undertaking a split test should be aware of the final goal for optimizing their landing page.
These goals can range from downloading a program on the page or making buying something that is advertised on the page or even signing up for a particular service.
Depending on these goals, different landing page optimization strategies can be undertaken.
Useful alterations on a page can be anything from changing the heading's font size to using different graphics, or even shortening or increasing the description text.
Through the trial and error method used in split testing, the webmaster will eventually fall upon the winning strategy that attracts the most visitors.
To take part in Google's Website Optimizer tools, an account with Google AdWords is required.
The Website Optimizer tool allows for split tests for visitors from a variety of locations on the internet including the site's banner ads, links from Google AdWords, and visitors as a result of search engine traffic.

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