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The Benefits of Using Zebra Skin Rugs in Your Home

Zebra skin rugs are legal to buy and have them beautifully displayed in your home or office space. The legal African zebra hide that you should own is that of the Burchell zebra breed. This particular breed can be found on the eastern and southern parts of Africa. Still, you are not allowed to go killing any Burchell breed in the jungle but rather follow a strict procedure to acquire them. South Africa and Tanzania are the two countries where hunting and culling programs are permitted. Common way of acquiring a hide is through a licensed supplier.

Back to the benefits that you stand to enjoy from the moment you decide to use a zebra skin hide in your home. One of the benefits harnessed in the use of a zebra skin is the clear contrast in colors. The colors are so unique that you can use the rug in any house irrespective of the other colors that you have in the house.

When in the forest or in the savannah, you will see that a zebra is made up of white and black stripes. Up close, you get to enjoy the clear colors that make up the skin of a zebra. The black color changes to a dark chocolate or dark brown color. The sheer discovery of this fact acts as a life lesson to many people. Zebras are NOT black and white rather dark brown and white.

There are numerous areas that you can use a rug from a zebra skin. You can start with the floor mat where people rest their feet. You could also hang the rug on the wall thereby making it more visible. The other use of a zebra skin hide in a home is on chairs, sofas and to cover cushions and pillows. There's literary no end to what you can use this rug for in terms of decorating.

A properly treated zebra rug should last for many years. Depending on the quality of the pelt, you will need to decide appropriately the area where the skin will be most suitable for. For floor surfaces, using a Grade A rug is recommended. For vertical surfaces that are not really used like wall hangings or ottomans, the use of Grade B or C pelt is okay. The overall lifespan of a pelt is considerably long. You will spend decades enjoying the sheer beauty of the African jungle right in your home.

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