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How to Grade FCAT

    • 1). Score the multiple-choice portion of the test. Keep in mind that test questions alternate answers between A- D and F-I, which helps students correctly place answers in their answer sheet.

    • 2). Score the gridded-response portion of the test. This portion of the test is similar to a fill-in-the-blank type questions since it requires the student to fill in a bubble of all the digits of the answer. For example, for the answer of "10," a student will fill in the bubble "1" and then the bubble "0".

    • 3). Only trained scoring readers will evaluate and score the writing portion of the test. Readers are told to consider the four writing elements of "focus, organization, support, and conventions." Scores are given from 1 to 6, with 6 being the highest score possible. Based on the age group, readers may focus on different aspects of the written answers. Refer to the FCAT Rubric (see Resources) for further clarification.

    • 4). Calculate the total FCAT score by adding the totals from step 1, step 2, and step 3. Based on their total score, students are assigned an "Achievement Level Classification." Level 1 s a low score, Level 5 is a high score; Level 3 is considered to be "on grade level." Consult the Florida DOE FCAT answer key for exact scoring between the subjects, and for guidelines for determining the Achievement Classification.

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