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Telecommuting Jobs: Salary And Benefits

Telecommuting jobs (work at home jobs) come along with a lot of perks, but most often that does not include benefits like health insurance, life insurance, pension, or 401k accounts. There are exceptions of course, but for the most part, a decision to work from home will require a few sacrifices in exchange for the advantages gained from telecommuting.

For that reason, telecommuting is more often a logical choice for stay-at-home mothers who can take advantage of benefits provided through their spouse's employer, college students who are still covered by their parents' insurance plans, and retirees who already have their own coverage.

In addition, telecommuting job seekers will often discover that most work from home jobs pay less than traditional jobs performed in the workplace. How much less? Sometimes as much as 50% less.

One thing to remember about companies that employ telecommuters is that they are trying to save money and cut costs by having a remote workforce. However, this is not such a bad thing!

Not only do the employers save money, employees who work remotely from home can also save a substantial amount of money. By avoiding long commutes they save money on gasoline and vehicle maintenance, not to mention the lack of need for a business attire, meals on-the-go and more. In a year's time, these saved expenses can easily make up for any loss in income.

There ARE employers who will offer a higher salary with benefits to telecommuters, but most often these companies also place more stringent requirements on their employees. For example, if you were hired by one of these companies, you might be required to work from the office for several months or even a year to "prove" yourself. Even once you were permitted to work from home, you might still need to go into the office once or twice a week for meetings or training. You might need to attend teleconferences on a regular basis, or be subject to more frequent performance reviews.

However, when most people begin looking for a job to do from home, they are often seeking a flexible - or even more relaxed - work arrangement and prefer a greater level of freedom. They don't want to deal with workplace meetings or teleconferences.

If that describes you, know that there are definitely companies that don't require this level of participation - they are glad to offer a paycheck in return for quality work and you never have to step foot into the office. But once again, you may have to sacrifice a higher salary and benefits package for the freedom you will gain.

So, if you have decided that working a telecommuting job is for you, ask yourself which aspects of working from home are more important to you? Do you absolutely need benefits? Do you have to make a certain salary in order to cover your living expenses? Or do you just need a way to bring in some extra money from home without all the extras?

Considering all of this before you begin your job search will save you time and allow you to obtain the type of job that will work best for your unique situation.

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