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Side Effects of Having Breasts Implants


    • Women who have their breasts artificially enhanced may find their ability to breast-feed their children negatively affected. Women seeking breast implants should speak to their plastic surgeon about their plans to breast-feed in the future to ensure that they are fully advised about the possibilities.


    • Implants can cause complications during routine breast examinations. Special x-ray procedures are required of women who have implants and medical professionals performing exams should be alerted to the presence of the implants.


    • After having received a breast implant some women report a change of sensitivity in their breasts and nipples. Some women report lost sensation; other women report new and painful levels of sensitivity to touch and tactile contact.

    Leaks and Rupturing

    • Although not strictly a side effect, implants may leak, break or otherwise rupture. Women who have implants should take care to avoid physical impacts to their warns that even a mammogram can cause an implant to rupture. Implants that leak or rupture will require additional surgery to be removed or replaced, to avoid health problems from the foreign substances in your body later.


    • Any surgery leaves a scar, and breast implants are no different. Although cosmetic surgeons can try to minimize the appearance of scars by making incisions in less-visible areas, and although cosmetic treatments can help to minimize the appearance of a scar, women seeking breast implants should understand that some scarring is unavoidable.


    • All surgeries carry with them the risk of infection. If, after a breast implant surgery, a woman detects the signs of an infection, which according to "include redness, localized swelling, warmth, and tenderness," and possibly fever, she may be required to take antibiotics or have the implants removed so that the infection gets defeated.

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