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Clutter Clearing: 6 Tips on Organizing and Cleaning Your Garage

Garages are supposed to be a place to park your car to protect it from the elements of nature and from criminal activity. But if your garage is cluttered with everything from boxes to sporting equipment then it makes it hard to find room to park your vehicle in there. In this article we will give you some tips that can clean and organize your garage so that it can be used for what it is meant for and still have room for all of those storage items as well.

1. The first thing that you will need to do is take everything out of the garage. This is a good time to get rid of things that you no longer need or that is broken. Once you get everything out then separate them into piles. For example, all sporting equipment together, all seasonal items together, and all boxes of seasonal clothes together.
2. Next see what kind of organizational tools you might need. This could be things like shelves, storage bins, racks for bikes and any other storage units you might need. These things will help you organize your garage easier and allow you more room for your car.
3. Now the fun part. You will need to take this opportunity with the garage empty, to clean it. Take a broom and get all of the cobwebs out of the corners. Sweep and mop the floor. Wipe down walls. Having a clean garage will make the organizing easier and look a lot better.
4. The next tip is to make some changes in the decor. This could be painting the walls or putting a sealant on the garage floor. This is not something you have to do but why not. A new coat of paint can change the whole look of your garage.
5. Alright now that these steps are all done now its time to organize the garage by putting everything back in. Of course this is after you have your storage bins and shelves all set up. A good tip is to put the things that are not used often on the top shelf and the things that you use more often on the bottom. Label any storage bins, boxes and shelves so that you will know what is in that area. This will also tell everyone where things need to be put back at.
6. Make a new rule for the family. If you use it then put it back where it belongs. This will help your garage from getting cluttered again.

Now it is time to stand back and look at how wonderful your garage looks. Everything is in its place and it's all clean. You now have plenty of room to park your car in the garage without the worry of hitting something. All it takes to organize garages is time, organizational tools, a little muscle, and your garage will look like a whole new garage.

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