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Revolution in the field of Technology with iPhone Dialer and Symbian VoIP Application

A mobile dialer also known as soft dialer refers to an application that enables cell phone users to make Voice over Internet Protocol, otherwise known as VoIP. These calls are established by the use of a mobile phone with the help of Internet connection. The making and completing calls with the help of this method is often known as Mobile Voice over Internet Protocol. Calls can be easily made at a cheaper rate and competently with the use of the dialer. This application is used by companies in order to reduce operational costs, it is also used for individual use who wants to save money and reduce monthly phone bills.

A mobile dialer is largely dependent on internet connection for work while the users can travel from place to place and still use the dialer as long as there is an Internet connection. It is an emerging technology that enables to use broadband connection to receive and make voice and videophone calls. These calls are less expensive compared to traditional calls and VoIP-based communication services are highly compatible. You do not need a traditional telephone set, which is considered as quite expensive and old fashioned equipment, especially when you have a phone network.

Due to the advancement of the technology, there are now different operating systems available in the market that is installed in our smartphones. The iPhone mobile dialer is something that you will love. It is so much easy to make calls with the use of the application. In case of iPhone dialer there are different features that you can enjoy with the use of this application.

•Receive and making of phone calls
•Caller ID
•You can make voicemail and also send Email
•Call hold
•Multitasking Capabilities and it is possible in Apple IOS 4

The Mobile VOIP application is being used for nearly 1.5 million calls. This statistics is based on monthly basis and worldwide. It is found that the use of this application is growing at a rapid pace. As more and more users are spending most of their time in using a smartphone, Mobile VOIP is definitely is the future. With the development of different operating system and making the calls at a cheaper rate the evolution of Symbian VoIP application has also came into focus. The main purpose of this application is also establish calls and at a cheaper rate so that the calling process become much easier and cost effective.

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