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How to Generate More BV in Market America

There are several ways to advertise on the internet that are low to no cost investments that will bring more traffic to your web portal, increase your sales, and generate more BV.
How would I know..
Well, I am a distributor too.
Some of the good old ways of advertisings are still effective like passing out flyers, sending out mass emails to friends and working on referrals.
Those are all great, and in conjunctions with internet advertising, you're sure to increase your business.
One way to advertise on the internet is through articles.
Writing articles and posting them online is effective and free.
There are several sites out there that let you post for free and they are distributed to thousands of search engines.
In the article you could write about OPC-3 and at the bottom of the article is where you post the link to your web portal.
You can track how many people have read your article and you can post as many as you would like.
Another great way to advertise on the web is through MySpace and Facebook.
If you are not familiar with them, they are networking sites.
It is free to create a profile and you can send emails, post ads, post blogs, all kinds of ways to get customers.
Other ways to advertise online is through Google AdWords, Classifieds, Blogs, Banners..
etc If you're thinking this sounds great but how do I start, well you could go to the bookstore and read a book on each topic, you can research it online or you could watch video tutorials that show you step by step how to create all of these and more.

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