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The 10 Second Change That Will Make Almost Any Sales Letter Pull Better

I hear it all the time.

Clients tell me that direct mail is dead, and that they should put 90% of their marketing dollars towards all sorts of online marketing like Social Media... Pay Per Click... and all the rest of the shiny objects that flourish on the internet.  

And while I'm a fan of online marketing to drive new faces into a small business, I do not believe in using it at the expense of direct mail.


For the simple reason that direct mail works.

And because your prospect's metal mailbox is becoming less and less crowded especially as the US post office gears up for another rate hike.

That said, in this article I'm going to show you a way you can make almost any sales letter pull better (much better) by making a simple change that takes only 20 seconds.

Ready to hear what that is?

The give a read to this short article.

 How To Make Almost Any Sales Letter Pull Better In 10 Seconds:

So you finished writing a sales letter, and you'd now like to know how you can make it pull even better, right?  OK.  So here's what I want you to do.

I want you to take out a blank sheet of paper.  Grab a blue ball point pen.  And use your blue pen to write down exactly what you are offering in your sales letter.

Did you do that?

Good.  Now I want you to hold that piece of paper up at eye level, and stare at it for a good 10 seconds.  

Next, I want you to write a better offer right below your original offer.  Think to yourself, what on god's green earth can you offer your prospect that he or she cannot say no to?

Write that that down.  And then, stare at your second offer for another 10 seconds.  Now, below your second offer, I want you to write a third offer that's even better than your first two.  Give your reader something that's impossible to refuse.  Make it so impressive that while they are reading your sales letter they say "wow"!

Did you do that?  


Now what I want you to do is take your third offer and add it to the top of your sales letter so it's something your prospect reads right away.  

Do this and I guarantee your sales letter will pull better.


Because the name of the game is your offer.  And when you make your offer so tempting (assuming you're selling a good quality product or service to a red hot market) this is guaranteed to give almost any sales letter a bigger response.

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