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You Cannot Create Powerful Solutions Without Being a Passionate Innovator

Getting together in a group and brainstorming trying to find solutions to the most pressing problems of our time is quite interesting and enlightening.
After sitting in groups like this over the last five years, it is interesting how intense the conversations get, and all the different personalities and attitudes of the individual participants.
Something that I have found, and this is quite interesting; the best solutions, the most powerful ideas, and concepts come from the most passionate innovators of the group.
That is to say, people who are in it to win it, and very much care about the subject, their minds are on fire and they relate very well with other kindred spirits within the group.
Often, I suggest that the most passionate people on a given subject go off into their own group to strategize and come up with solutions.
This works extremely well, as someone that gives off bad vibes, or doesn't really care about the topic, tends to drag everyone down, whereas the most passionate people feed off each other's energy.
Therefore, in the last few years I've come up with an interesting saying; "you cannot create powerful solutions without being a passionate innovator.
" And I suspect that this holds true in just about every human endeavor.
If you have urgent and important challenges that need real solutions, really fast, then you need to round up the most passionate innovators you have, and get them talking, right away.
Now, I realize this is easier said than done, and with passionate people comes high emotion.
Indeed, it is also true what they say about creative geniuses, as they do come with a little baggage, emotionally.
But when they are in the right state of mind and they are focused on real solutions using their creative ability, genius, and childlike imagination, I truly believe there is no problem that faces humankind that cannot be solved.
I hope you will please consider this.

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