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Free Database Modeling Tools

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      A database model is a structured data schema that contains a data dictionary, a visual or graphic diagram of the database, and a database operating platform, such as Access or Oracle. Database models are used throughout the business process to analyze information, create reports and support business decisions within an organization. Since modeling is a way to manage and integrate small or large sets of information, specific tools can be used to define the process.

    Open ModelSphere

    • Open ModelSphere is a database modeling software released to the public under the GNU General Public License. This program allows the user to model databases through conceptual and logical models, which will show data layers and the flow of data. With this data modeling tool you can generate structured-query language scripts, use visual graphics to apply changes to the database model, and synchronize before and after database models . You can also use this program to interface with database software such as Informix and Oracle.

    ConceptDraw PRO

    • ConceptDraw PRO is a database modeling program that allows users to design databases, reverse engineer database projects, and design entity-relationship diagrams. ConceptDraw PRO allows you to model a relational database while supporting third-party database structures such as MySQL, MS Access and InterBase. Create database models with the various diagrams, such as the Data Flow diagram and the Network diagram, while tracking your project with Gantt charts and Flow charts. Features include Datatype Mapping and Cross DBMS Target Compatibility.

    DB Designer Fork

    • DB Designer Fork models databases while allowing you to perform queries that are exported from structured-query language. This intuitive software can generate scripts from several database entities, such as Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQL Server. This open source software provides users with the original source code for customizing changes through its project development support system. Launched in 2006 by SourceForge, this program is connected to project web servers that support a file management system and programming languages such as PHP and Perl.

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