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Be Like Willie Mays and Choose a Great Attitude and Have an Early Morning Happy Hour

Our attitude is a choice.
Sometimes, we forget that simple yet powerful awareness tool.
Nonetheless, one of the most difficult tasks is to keep that sweet feeling when our performance has taken the train south for the day.
The greats, however, always are the conductor of their positive emotions.
Take the amusing example of Willie Mays.
Wille, known as the "say hey kid", had an ephemeral smile on his face.
A former teammate recalled how one day at the start of a big game, Willie declared to the guys, "This is going to be a great day, I'm going 4 for 4.
No doubt about it".
Mays then went to the plate and readily struck out looking.
He came back to the dugout and told his teammates, today is a great day, I'm going 3 for 4.
When he failed to get a hit, he then proclaimed to his teammates, that he was going 2 for 4 on this day.
Then he grounded to third on his next at bat and proceeded to the dugout telling who would listen that he was going 1 for 4 on this glorious day.
Later in the game when he was robbed of a base hit on his last at bat, he smiled and said "Tomorrow is going to be a great day.
I'm going 4 for 4.
Once after a big loss by his Packer's team, a reporter asked Vince Lombardi how he was going to deal with this loss and what was he going to say to his players.
Lombardi turned to the young reporter, and said, "Son, we do not lose this game, we just ran out of time!" No that is choosing to be positive about the clock! No matter how poorly you are performing, you can always choose to focus on the positive.
It worked for Tom Watson on his victory at the U.
Open in 1982.
Most remember his remarkable chip-in on the seventeenth hole, but most important to his victory was the little known event on the seventh hole.
Here, Tom missed a two-foot putt.
It didn't even touch the cup.
But that did not get Tom Watson down in the dumps, instead he merely told himself that even great putters can miss an occasional easy one.
Winners like Willie Mays, Vince Lombardi, and Tom Watson know their attitude is a choice, and choosing the correct one will affect their future performance.
But they have discovered nothing original.
Centuries ago, the founder of modern philosophical thought, Rene Descartes, wrote that we have the capacity to think whatever we choose-to have thoughts that are either self-liberating or self-defeating.
More recently, Victor Frankle wrote in his book, Man's search for meaning "Every human has the freedom to change at any instant.
The last of the human freedoms is to choose one's attitude in any given set of circumstances".
We have a choice to remain positive about the economy, our job, even our boss, regardless of circumstances.
If you make the correct choice, then the chances are much greater that you will become more effective at your job and happier in your life.
The following tip will help you to become a better conductor of your attitude: Have an early morning happy hour: When most people wake up, they rub their eyes and then begin to think about all the tasks they must do in the day.
When this list is overwhelming, and on many occasions it is, you may want to stay in bed.
Instead, choose to have an early morning happy hour.
Try this exercise-when you wake up in the morning, focus on three things you are thankful in your life.
It could be your spouse, your children, your health, your upcoming vacation-Focus on something that puts a smile on your face.
You will find that when you make this choice-happiness will fill your cup on the early hour.

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