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Getting Fit At 40

With slower metabolism and unhealthy lifestyle acquired over the years, people over forty tend to find it difficult to lose weight.
There are so many tips floating around the internet about how to lose weight or how to have a lean body, but most of the information does not target the specific needs of a middle-age person's body.
Then the Fit Over 40 book by Jon Benson came along, and it took people by storm.
The book is supposed to make you lose weight fast without losing your muscle mass.
Jon Benson claimed he has lost 29% fat while gaining 14 pounds of muscle mass in one year.
Reviews about the book are very positive.
Yet, is it really possible to lose so much fat at the age of forty (or above) through Benson's book? Let's take a look at the content of the book: First Part The book's first chapter delves with Jon Benson's own weight problem that posed major health risks, prompting his doctor to tell him that if he did not lose weight he would surely die at 40 years old.
He was able to transform his body by utilizing techniques he discovered.
The techniques and principles include Body Works: Strength & Strategy, Inner Fuel: The Taste of Health, I Can See the Valley: New Hills, New Horizons, Begin and Believe and other training tips Second Part In this chapter, things get really interesting.
You will learn the success stories (and how the techniques used) of fifty two middle-age adults.
They're incredibly inspirational.
You can take a leaf from their book (so to speak) so you stay motivated all throughout the program.
Third Part The third chapter includes easy read, step-by-step instructions to achieve maximum weight loss.
The chapter discusses Benson's own successful program including aerobic training, lifelong nutrition, weight and strength training, recovery, and renewal.
Pros and Cons of the Book Fit Over 40 Upon careful analysis of the book, it is true that you will really learn a lot for the book.
The 52 success stories alone are a gem to a person who wants to lose weight.
You can totally relate to these people since their struggles and past health issues are the ones that you might be facing.
The exercises, techniques and tips are all directed to men and women of age forty and above.
On the other hand, the book is not intended for people who do not have patience to stick to a program.
It is also not available in any bookstore, and the author strongly advises that you consult your doctor before you follow any of the techniques in the book.
In conclusion, the book Fit over 40 is a remarkable book that offers a comprehensive series of techniques to make you lose weight, build muscles, boost your immune system and improve your health.
The money back guarantee makes the book all the more appealing to buy.
You will be hard pressed to find a book so specific to your needs, as Fit Over 40.

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