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Distance Learning Graduation is the best choice of many

Though it is a part of regular college programs, distance learning education for those students who wish to study further while doing their jobs or might not be able to join a regular courses for many reasons. The most common doubt of students is regarding to the importance of a distance learning program. The answer is completely depends on the student's thought.

  Some students enjoy distance learning programs, but some others are not comfortable with it. In this article I will tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of distance learning and guide you to decide for it:

 Pros of Distance Learning:

 Flexible:  Earn while studying! Flexibility is the main benefit of distance learning, particularly if you are a working person. Not all has the flexibility of timing to complete their studies.

 Saves Time: It saves a lot of time of traveling! You can pursue a course from other country while living in India or you are living in a remote village where you don't find enough options for higher education. Distance learning courses reduce this problem.  

 Saves Money:  Distance learning Admission in b.ed 2014 are almost cheap than regular programs. You can also save money on traveling from your home to the college.

 Suitable: You can send your task with just one click of a button or just drop it off in the post office.

 Online Study Material: Internet is the best way to study if you are relaxed with it. You can get your study material online whenever you wish.  

 Read any subject you wish: Well you have all material available on the Internet. You can read anytime and anywhere if you have internet connections. Through this your interest in the topic is continued.

Cons of distance Learning:

Lack of direct contact with teachers: There is a lack of personal communication with faculties and it often affects the study of some weak students. This is the main con of distance learning.

Compulsory Internet access: Some b.ed from distance education programs require internet. If you are comfortable with it then you will find reading and discussing with your faculty online easy.

It can get Lonely: Somewhere you will definitely miss classroom full of students and lack of personal communication. Perhaps it will make you feel separate and isolated. This can be solved with using the internet.

All courses are not available: Another big disadvantage of it is that not every course can be explained online such as medicine and engineering can't be educated online.

Not value by all companies: No matter from where you done your distance learning program, some companies prefer a candidate who has got degree from a regular program.

There are two phase of every part and here the pros particularly surpass the cons. In a country like India, where a normal graduation is necessary to get a good employment, where the plenty of talented candidates outstrip the plenty of college goers available by high number, distance learning educational programs would be the best choice of many.


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