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The Duties of the Government

    • The American government has many duties.American Flag image by dwight9592 from

      The Constitution, drafted in 1787, is the supreme law of the land, which set up the government and the rights of the people. Branches of the government were also set up, each with a duty and responsibility to the people to create, legislate and enforce laws. Overall, these branches together are created to protect the rights of individuals as citizens and to defend the nation as a whole.

    Legislative Branch

    • The U.S. Congress is made up of the House of Representatives and the Senate. The House and its 435 elected members have the duty of initiating bills, impeaching officials and electing presidents (in case of a tie). The Senate's duties are to confirm the appointment of the president and to ratify treaties. Congress enacts legislation, can reject presidential appointments, can declare war and investigates governmental issues.

    Judicial Branch

    • The Supreme Court is created with justices appointed by the president and confirmed by the Senate. Their duty is to interpret the law and determine the constitutionality of the law. They also try cases; however, most of these cases have come through the appeals process from lower district and appellate courts to the Supreme Court. Those cases must prove a party has been harmed in order to be heard by the Supreme Court.

    Executive Branch

    • The president implements and enforces the laws written by Congress. Under the president in this branch are the vice president and cabinet members who have been appointed to heads of federal agencies by the president. Their duty is to enforce and administrate federal law as well as employ the armed forces for defense of the country.

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