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Did Your Mother Say Money Doesn"t Grow on Trees?

When your parents said things like that to you, you didn't realize it, but you were being programmed into believing that "money" is scarce.
And now, today, it's even worse when everywhere you turn all you hear talk of is the economic crisis.
People losing their jobs.
Maybe even you.
Now more than ever, you've got to learn to think differently.
Remember the early Apple commercials, long before iPad, iPone and iPod? Apple was right, we need to shift our focus, shift the way that we think.
A new paradigm is unfolding and it is the perfect time to get on board, while the wave is still small.
Money is not what we truly want.
What we truly want is simply to be happy.
If you can grab a hold of that thought by the ears for just a moment, you will see that getting happy first is so much easier.
Worst case scenario, regardless of what ever else happens around you, at least you're happy.
So instead of worrying where the next dollar might be coming from, focus on being happy right in this moment.
If you're reading this, life ain't so bad.
You're on a computer.
Think of all the people in the world that don't even know what that is.
Think of all the people who don't even have a light bulb to turn on.
Maybe they're better off because they don't know the difference, or maybe we're just spoiled.
This moment is your moment of creation.
Not yesterday, not tomorrow, NOW.
So what are you going to do about it? And where are you choosing to place your focus? Your mind, like your heart, is a sacred place.
I'd be careful what you let come to visit.
What if thought, like money was nothing more than energy? And what if that energy came about because of what we thought about and felt, so it "congealed" into something we could see, taste, and touch.
And what if money were only a symbol, a piece of paper with an agreed upon value, to represent the exchange of energy between two people? So if you don't really know your own worth, how can you enter into meaningful exchanges with people, especially if that exchange comes from a worn old tired belief passed onto you by someone whose parents lived through the depression.
Hmmmm, are we seeing a cycle here? Life, like the universe, like the tides, expands and contracts, and so must we learn to ride it's waves.
The cheapest, most inexpensive way that you can start to feel rich is by letting yourself get happy.
And when you start to feel rich, deep in your bones, something begins to thaw.
You are a child of the universe and energy is your Play-dough.
What are you creating?

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