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What Is a PCR Machine?

PCR actually is an acronym which means "Polymerase Chain reaction" which is used in numerous different chemical and biological areas.
The PCR Technique was invented by Kary B.
Mullis in 1985.
It helps to produce copies of DNA that readily generates millions of copies of a particular segment with many amazing uses in the field of biology.
This machine used to replicate DNA is known as "DNA Amplifier" or "PCR Machine.
" This machine can easily serve various purposes with amazing uses like - analysis of genes, and Phylogeny which is the study of evolutionary relationships between various organisms.
In addition to these, it can also be applied in the world of forensic science where the results are used to identify the DNA found at crime scenes.
How A PCR Machine Works It's basic function is the ability to copy the DNA sections which is performed by the technique using heating cycles.
This technique is performed as the temperature reaches 95 degrees Celsius which results in the melting of DNA strands.
This melting of strands results in the splitting of its two "Sugar-Phosphate Backbones" apart.
As the particular temperature cools, the binding of primers takes place with 3" end of each target sequence.
The ability of the primers to direct the synthesis of the strands in the task which is done with the assistance of DNA Polymerase Taq And Free Nucleotides that aids it in this process.
This process continues with the two DNA Strands of double partially stranded DNA Molecules at the end of the first cycle.
This process is eventually repeated again and again causing thousands and even millions of copy sections of the target sequence that are produced exponentially.
Various types of features and functions can be performed with a PCR Machine.
They are regarded as an essential tool for all the biologists in spite of it's expensive price.
They are extensively found and used in various laboratories, forensic departments, school facilities and many health centers.
A PCR Machine is highly versatile in nature which serves great and different purposes in various fields that suits the requirements of several applications and sectors.
Basically, if you ever have a need in your industry to examine and analyze DNA, then you're going to need one of these machines.
Some people have even built home models, which can be built for under a thousand dollars.
Home hobbyists usually do this out of a general interest in the subject, and a desire to examine their own DNA which can reveal important genetic information including information on one's heritage.

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