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Film Clips & Reviews Of Top Indie Movies

The way films are promoted and marketed has been dramatically changed by the prevalence of film clips & reviews of top indie movies on the internet. The number of web sites and blogs devoted to independent films has grown. There are no longer barriers to entry in starting such an internet presence. With this new paradigm, the convergence of personal computers, cell phones, and portable media players have replaced the studio marketing department.

It was not that long ago that independent movie producers would have to hire a team of marketing experts to devise a promotional plan for a new release. Marketing a movie involved expensive television and print advertising. The stars featured in a new release would appear on the circuit of television talk shows to promote the movie. Of course, these techniques are still used. The difference now is that blogs and clips on popular web sites can generate a buzz about a film that money can not buy. Internet buzz is inexpensive.

This trend in marketing films mirrors the technological advances that have made it so much cheaper and easier to make a movie. Now anyone can be a film maker. You do not need a big film crew. You do not need expensive cameras. Anyone can make an indie film. And anyone can market the film.

Each player in the independent film industry has a role and creates a synergy that have made the studios irrelevant. Inexpensive equipment allows a film to be made for a few thousand dollars. Films festivals show the film and the film festivals are promoted on blogs and internet sites. The film maker then gets a distribution deal and the film is marketed on the blogs and social networking sites.

The individual pieces of technology are converging. No longer is a cell phone just a phone. No longer is a mp3 player just for playing music. Cell phones are small computers now. You can watch a video on your cell phone. Same deal with mp3 players. All this gear can interface with your laptop. Everything is a computer now. People are emailing videos of live shows while they are happening. More and more public events are podcast.

As we head into the future, films will be viewed on portable digital devices. Film clips & reviews of top indie movies will play a large role in providing the content. Blogs and film web sites will replace the newspapers and print media as the source of information of what we want to watch. Hold onto your seat and grab your pop corn, it's going to be an interesting ride.

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