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Lose Belly Fat and Get Sexy Hips & Hot Thighs - Simple Tips For Losing Up to 10 Pounds in 2 Weeks

When it comes to getting the body you want it seems as the whole world is your enemy.
Tempting billboard images.
Sumptuous radio ads, and Cinnabon(c) deliberately pumping the addicting smell of cinnamon and sugar into the mall.
And you know the diet industry doesn't make it any easier either.
With all that they try and sell you, you would believe that weight loss were rocket-science.
But the truth is that fat loss is a simple thing, that is once you can steer clear passed all of the lies.
Lies like:
  • Your body fat is hereditary
  • Food is the enemy
  • You must exercise to lose weight
  • You must avoid carbs
  • You must avoid fat
  • You must avoid protein
Those kinds of lies sell many books and fat loss programs but they also promote failure.
FACT - You may have inherited the propensity to store more or less body fat, but food choices are still the number 1 factor in weight gain and fat loss.
FACT - Exercise is essential to a well functioning body, but it will NEVER get the same results as proper food choices.
FACT - Carbs are essential to well functioning muscles, carbs create glycogen that the muscles use as their primary food.
FACT - Fats are essential to connective tissues and even brain function -- did you know that your brain is made up of approximately 70% cholesterol? FACT - Protein is essential to repair of muscles, including your heart which is your most essential muscle built entirely of proteins.
The Ultimate Factor In Losing Up To 10 Pounds Of Fat In 2 Weeks The fact is that normal folks just like you are losing fat at a rate of up to 5 lbs a week just by making food their friend again.
This is the ultimate "trick" (if it can honestly be called that) when it comes to fat loss.
Using food as a tool to stimulate the hormones that burn fat and build lean body mass, thus creating a body with hot hips and sexy thighs and yes a flat stomach.

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