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The Complete Guide To Shared Web Hosting

It is very important to have a company to host your website for you.
The reason for this is that your site should be reliable and accessible most of the time.
Many small companies still use free sites like Geocities.
The problem with doing so is the image that you present for your company.
You need to have a very professional image to make an impact.
Just think what potential customers would think if they saw a website with adverts on that paid for your hosting.
In this article I would like to go over one of the very good alternatives that you can use which is called shared hosting.
Basically, this is a service where one server will have several websites on it.
It is a virtual form of hosting.
So for example you could have 20 websites hosted on the same server.
This helps to share the costs and make it relatively inexpensive.
This is a very good way to reduce the cost of the maintenance of the server.
Now the big benefit of this type of hosting is that the companies will have a technical person that will do all the support for you.
So if it is on a Unix server you do not need to worry about all the complicated stuff.
Consequently you can focus on the marketing side of things on your business.
I know that you can get this very cheap starting from about 7 dollars.
Also the company that you choose will also install any software if it is required, maintain security and also provide you with technical support when you experience problems.

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