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3 Reasons You Should Consider Green Printing

More and more businesses are becoming concerned about the impact that they have on the environment.
Is your business helping to save the planet or is it helping to destroy it? And if you are helping to save the planet, are you doing enough? One way that you can help make sure that your company is doing its part for a greener tomorrow is to incorporate green printing for your business.
Businesses and printing Nearly all businesses benefit from the printing industry.
Whether you use printing for marketing, printing invoices, keeping records, or simply creating employee handbooks, there are a myriad of applications for printed products.
With such a large volume of printed products in businesses, opting for eco-friendly printing ensures your business is not having a negative impact on the environment.
In addition, going green can also be an excellent marketing strategy, placing you in a better light with your customers.
Let your customers know about your green printing practices, and your efforts could go far in cementing additional business.
The slow move towards paperless Even with the various technological advancements available to businesses today, most businesses are still using printing to some extent.
Some may have strived to create a paperless environment, but as a whole, most consumers still expect printed material.
While printing may not be the wave of the future, it is sure to be relevant for decades to come.
Therefore, as an environmentally responsible business, you will want to look for a printing company that is also eco-friendly.
Pollution and the printing industry As the dangers of pollution are becoming more widely known, many companies have strived to lessen the amount of contamination they have on the environment.
Sadly, printing is one of the biggest industries at fault.
Pollution is another problem that often occurs in the printing industry.
Companies that use petroleum-based inks often release volatile organic compounds.
These compounds can cause asthma and other breathing issues for those who inhale them.
Not only do printing companies cause pollution, but the need for paper for printing can also play a damaging role on natural resources.
Trees are cut down in large numbers to provide the wood necessary to create paper.
At the same time, many printing companies use fossil fuels for energy, compounding the problem of over consumption and pollution.
What you can do to help By looking for a green printing company, you can help your business make a smaller carbon footprint.
Green printing companies help to improve the environment in many ways.
Many will use all or partly recycled products in their papers, reducing the need to cut down virgin timber.
Others will use non-petroleum based inks to reduce the number of emissions that their printing company produces, as well as their dependence on petroleum.
Still others will look for ways to reduce their need on fossil fuels, either by streamlining distribution, looking for alternative energy to power their printing plants, or both.
By looking for a printing company that is as concerned about the environment as you are, you can make sure that you are doing your part to keep the planet green for future generations.

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