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Tips to File an Accident and Injury Claim

Accident and injury claims are filed on a daily basis in UK by claimants who have been injured in accidents that have occurred due to the other person's fault.
Many of these accident claims are rejected due to simple mistakes that could have been avoided with some guidance.
This article will act as your guide and elaborate on some effective tips to help you file accident and injury claims.
Tip #1 - For road accident claims the claimant should be vigilant and note down a few details while he is at the scene of the accident.
Important details that should be noted include the street at which the accident took place, the license registration number of the other vehicle, the color of the other vehicle, the make or model of the other vehicle, the number of passengers in the other vehicle and the extent of injury to the other driver or passengers.
The claimant should also note down the extent of damage to the other vehicle.
If possible then the claimant should take a photograph of the other car and the license plate number of the car.
Tip #2 - Before filing an injury claim the claimant should seek medical treatment for his injuries since the basis for filing injury claims is that the claimant has suffered an injury due to the accident.
The claimant should get visible injuries checked and he should visit a general practitioner if he notices any new symptoms.
Claimants are advised to make a note of their symptoms, the number of times they visited a doctor and how much they have spent on medical treatment.
Tip #3 - To get compensation for injury claims the claimant will need to submit a few documents along with his claim.
These documents include current medical records, medical bills, medical receipts and prescriptions.
If the claimant has hired a personal injury solicitor then the solicitor will guide the claimant and take photocopies of the documents for the claimant.
Claimants are advised to find a witness while at the scene of the accident since a witness may be asked to testify in court.
Since the witness will be asked questions about the accident and injury sustained the claimant should ensure that the witness and he are on the same page.
Tip #4 - To get maximum compensation claimants are advised to hire a personal injury solicitor.
Accident injury lawyers ensure that there are no loose ends and they help the claimant get maximum compensation by strengthening the case with proofs.
In addition accident injury lawyers represent the claimant in court, negotiate with third parties and deal with the other party in a professional manner.
The selected solicitor will also prepare the witness for the court and complete miscellaneous tasks on behalf of the claimant.

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