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Keyword domain names - SEO and your ecommerce website

You've got an online shop and all your products and categories are almost done. Before you launch the ecommerce website, you must come up with a domain name that's up for grabs. Once a domain has been registered it belongs to that particular business or company, so you need to make sure you get yours sorted as soon as possible. There's no point sitting on a great domain name if it's unavailable or already in use!

Choosing a domain name that will get your ecommerce website in the search engines comes down to target keyword informaton. Somewhere in your URL you need a solid keyword reference your industry. For instance, if you're in the trade of selling cars, you'll want to make this clear in the domain name you choose. Exisitng car websites such as renowned 'autotrader' and 'whatcar' effectively display their business branding as well as being a keyword based domain name.

SEO is more effectual with a domain name that manages to balance the two. Say you had a domain name in mind such as 'davidsons,' unless you're an established brand that many people know of, the search engines won't do your ecommerce website justice. Many people are starting to take these pointers onboard to make a good go of their online shop from the offset. If you're new to the ecommerce business, you want to use the internet in a way that best shows off your brand.

To find out which domain names are open to you, search for your potential domain on a 'whois' system such as or get in touch with whoever provides your ecommerce software. There's absolutely no reason why you should be charged for this service - only once you've registered the domain is there a minor set-up fee to pay. That said, there are some domain registration and hosting companies who will charge a pricey sum for 'giving out' an available domain name. Avoid these types of 3rd party groups if you're not satisfied with the service(s) you receive.

Another issue to address is whether you register the or .com domain for your ecommerce website. Many online shop owners consider them of equal importance so it perhaps isn't wise choosing one over the other. What if a prospective customer was to search for your business using the .com domain when you'd only registered In a position like this, a competitor in the same trade as you could swoop in on that unregistered domain and bascially 'take' your direct traffic! These are the sorts of things we want to avoid.

The distinction between 'direct' and 'natural' search engine traffic is quite simple. 'Direct' refers to your web address being typed straight into the web server, where 'natural' is a general search carried out on through the search engines. Your ecommerce software provider can point you in the right direction and provide more information on choosing a domain name that not only sounds the part but works the part. It's far easier to register a domain than previous times, so make sure you join the ecommerce race in style. 

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