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Red Dawn 2010

During the height of the Cold War, Hollywood produced a zany comedy titled, "The Russians Are Coming, the Russians Are Coming" meant in part to defuse the Russian threat by satirizing it.
The 1966 movie featured such notable liberals as Alan Arkin, Carl Reiner, and Theodore Bikel and generally fulfilled its purpose.
We should expect to see people such as Woody Allen in a sequel, "The Chinese Are Coming, the Chinese Are Coming" any day now even if the threat from China is not perceived with quite the same fear as was felt with the Soviet Union.
A few months ago, I posted an article "The Coming War with China" which hypothesized the plausibility of a Sino-American war sometime in the future and based that hypothesis on China's unprecedented build-up of its war machine including its first real navy, our own precarious economic position, Chinese research targeting our power grids, etc.
Just as weapons are never developed which are not eventually deployed, nations, especially nations with global ambitions, do not engage in massive military expansion without an eye toward using that military.
Some people disagree with that theory as it relates to China as evidenced by an extended comment posted on my website in reaction to "The Coming War with China.
" The commenter, a self-described ex-patriate living in the People's Republic of China (PRC), is "disgusted with U.
culture" even as he's presumably enamored with Chinese culture, its hundreds of millions of poor, its one-child and abortion policies-and its military build-up at the expense of taking better care of its own people.
The commenter fails to identify himself in any way aside from being a disgusted "ex-pat" who is shamed by anti-Asianism in America.
He does incorporate a link to noted lefty Abe Sauer's rant about a new flick, "Red Dawn 2010″ which, Sauer says, perpetuates unfair stereotypes about China and its ambitions.
Sauer calls MGM's yet to be released "Red Dawn 2010," a xenophobic distortion.
His article, "Real America: 'Red Dawn' Re-made: China Is Coming for Our Children," calls the movie the "latest villainization of China.
" After all, how could a nation which killed tens of thousands of American soldiers in Korea, which slaughters its own people, and which disgraces itself in Tiananmin Square be considered a villain? Sauer fails to mention any of that.
Why Sauer is so perturbed over the re-make of a 26 year old B movie is perplexing, except that the 2010 invaders are Chinese instead of the Russians and Cubans in the 1984 film.
He also bemoans the dearth of Chinese language programs in America whereas most Chinese study English.
Sauer, isn't it logical that a nation planning to invade and occupy another nation would learn that nation's language? Sauer concludes his article by writing, "In a Red Dawn world, our high school students must be armed to kill the Chinese.
Arm them with some Chinese and maybe they won't have to...
or want to:" http://tiny.
And maybe if orangutans could fly...
I'm not sure which country Sauer is referring to when he says "our.

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