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Where Does My Time Go?

Today, our lives always seem so busy and there never seems to be enough time in the day.
You will hear so many people say that they run out of time to complete everything they wanted to/needed to or they simply just don't know where the time has gone to.
If you are finding yourself in the same situation, then you are not alone, but how can we make more time, we can't make the day longer unless we do not sleep? Firstly you need to analysis how you spend your time during the course of the day.
This is a very useful exercise to complete to find out where those small units of time disappear to and we can then evaluate how we spend our time during the day as to whether it is good time spent, necessary time spent and areas where we are wasting time or not making the most of our time.
Obviously, for the majority of us, every day is not the same day so our time spent on any two days will not be the same.
It is a good idea to complete a time log for a couple of weeks, recording what activities we complete during the day, when we complete them, how long we need to complete them in order that we can see on paper how we spend our time.
You may find yourself surprised at how those odd little units of time between tasks seem to disappear and be wasted or you may be underestimating how long some of your tasks take, so no wonder you find you have run out of time at the end of the day.
Once you have completed your time log, you will want to review it and see if there are any obvious adjustments that you can make, any ways you can look at the tasks you need to carry out and juggle them around, in a better order so as to make a little more time or really save wasting a little time.
You also need to look at your time log and ensure that your time is balanced.
In today's day, we all try to fit so much in, that it is easy for our days and lives to become unbalanced.
We need to juggle between carrying out work, looking after the family and the home and ensuring that there is some recreational time too.
Again by reviewing your time log this may give you an insight in to how balanced or unbalanced your life is.
There are always essential tasks which need to be carried out and some you may have little control on changing them such as your working hours, shopping and other duties.
Secondly, in order to improve how your time is spent during the day you need to look at when is the best time to fit certain tasks in and ensure that you keep control on what you need to achieve each day.
A little time spent planning your day, ensuring that the right of time or enough time is allowed for each task can enable you to get the most out of your day and fit more in, achieve more and most importantly give you a more balanced life and you may even find that you get some spare time, something you may not have had for a long time.

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