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Games for Elementary School Kids on Adam & Eve

Mixed Up Story

Write out a copy of the Adam and Eve story in large letters on a poster board. Cut the story into strips and mix them up, face down on the floor. Have small groups of students work together to try and re-arrange the strips until they have the story completed, and in the right order. Time each group as they work to complete the story. The group with the fastest time wins the game. Another variation of this game is to print out the story on a normal size piece of paper, making enough copies for each group of students. You can then have all the students work on their paragraphs at the same time, and the first team to correctly finish the puzzle is the winner.

Hidden Snake

In the story of Adam and Eve, Satan spoke through a snake as he tempted Eve to eat the forbidden fruit. The snake is an important character in the story, as after Eve fell to temptation, God cursed the snake to crawl on the ground forever. Hide small rubber snakes around the room, with snake featuring a Bible verse about snakes or serpents attached. Divide the students into groups and have them search for the snakes. Once all of the snakes have been found, sit in a circle and have students from each team read the snake-related Bible verse aloud to the rest of the students. Discuss the verse and the significance of serpents in the Bible.

"Pass the Fruit"

Pass the fruit is a great game for younger children and helps students understand the idea of the forbidden fruit. After reading the story of Adam and Eve and explaining the concept of the forbidden fruit and why Eve should not have eaten it, play a game of "Pass the Fruit." Have students sit on the floor in a circle. The game is similar to "Hot Potato," where no one should want to have the fruit in their hands for long. Play music while the students quickly pass the fruit to one another. Stop the music periodically. The student holding the apple when the music stops should say one reason why we shouldn't give into temptation or a temptation that children should avoid, such as disobeying parents or being mean to others.


Memory cards are a popular game for elementary kids of all ages to play. The game is best played with pairs of students. Create your own memory cards with Adam- and Eve-related symbols on them for a fun twist on the classic game. Cards can be small note cards or large, poster-sized cards. Leave one side of the card blank, and on the other draw or print images related to the story of Adam and Eve, such as an apple, a snake, a tree, a man (Adam), a woman (Eve) and any other images you can think of. Make sure there are two of every image. Mix the cards around and place them in an even square on the floor. Students should take turns flipping over one card, then guessing where its match is by flipping over another card, hoping to find the partnering image. If the students are able to flip over two matching images, such as two apples, they get a point and must tell the teacher the significance of that image to the story of Adam and Eve. The person with the most points at the end wins.

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