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Looking For Qualified Mlm Business Leads?

Having a network marketing or MLM business can be exciting and very lucrative. However, it may not feel like that if you are struggling to generate leads for your business.

Barely getting by month to month, not really making enough money and having no leads can be down right discouraging and many network marketers end up quitting.

This doesnt have to be you. It's just a matter of knowing where to look for qualified leads and then learning the right techniques to market to them.

Sound easy? It is, but it takes work. The difference is the work you will be doing will in fact produce real results instead of just feeling like you are spinning your wheels.

Here are some important questions to answer

Who Are Qualified MLM Business Leads?

So first, you must know who your target market is. Its not your friends and family. It's undoubtedly not your neighbor or the woman you met at the coffee shop this morning.

I am well aware that many network marketers have built their businesses these ways: making lists of family and friends, using the "ten foot rule" etc. and I mean them no disrespect to them.

However, this is absolutely not the way you want to be building your business because it simply isnt efficient and absolutely isnt effective.

Your target market is only two groups of people.

1. Other network marketers. They are already sold on MLM and network marketing. They understand the concept and dont need to be convinced. This is a tough one for many marketers because it seems counter-intuitive. Most marketers want to know why market to someone who is currently in a network marketing or MLM business?

I am going to tell you why. It's because you are going to be a leader and provide value to other network marketers. When they are looking to switch network marketing companies because they are not happy, who do you think they are going to want to join?

In addition to providing them leadership, you can also market your own products or some affiliate products from time to time. It's important that you are offering only good quality products though.

Even if they never join your primary business, these products will not only help them grow their business, but they will also provide revenue for your business

If you remember nothing else from this article, remember this:

* Build Your List
* Build A Relationship With Your List
* Market To Your List

2. The second group of people who you want to target for your MLM busines are those that are actively looking for a business opportunity. These people are looking for a solution to their problems, which is what you can offer them.

Let's take a moment to think about this in another situation.

If you had a big, beautiful house to sell, would you try to get your friends and family to buy it? Of course not. You would hire an experienced Real Estate Agent and they would market your home to people who are actively searching for a home by placing it on things such as MLS. This is a service that buyers use almost every day to search for their new home.

It doesnt matter how big or beautiful the house is, if your friends and family arent looking for a house, they are probably not going to buy it from you!

This is the way we have to think with our MLM or network marketing business.

Where Are You Going To Find Good MLM Business Leads?

Like I said before, going through your family tree isn't where you are going to find qualified leads for your MLM business. You also wont find them by approaching all of your friends the next time you go out.

You are going to find MLM business leads by learning effective attraction marketing strategies, but more importantly, implementing them into your business.

If you are not a student of attraction marketing, I would strongly recommend that you become one. Learn what your prospects are looking for and then give that to them.

It is so important that you figure out what the problems of your prospects are and then provide them with solutions to those problems. This is how you will attract quality MLM business leads, customers and distributors into your business.

Do this quick exercise: Figure out exactly who you are targeting for your MLM business. What are they looking for? Why are they looking for it? What will it provide for them?

Take some time to answer those questions. Provide those answers and solutions to your target market and you will attract endless leads into your MLM business.

Remember, people arent looking for an MLM business. They are looking for a solution to a problem. What is that problem?

Answer that question and you will no longer struggle for leads!

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