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Hamilton Beach Deluxe Set & Forget Slow Cooker Review

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Hamilton Beach has an extensive line of Stay or Go slow cookers with neat features for those who love to take their slow cooker out to socials, tail gate parties and pot luck dinners. The model tested is the Deluxe Set & Forget 6 Qt Model 33862 that offers three ways to cook including with a meat probe.

Product Description
  • Hamilton Beach Stay or Go Deluxe Set & Forget Slow Cooker 33862
  • 6 Qt capacity, oval (6 lb chicken or two 3 lb roasts)

  • Cook three ways: With meat probe, program or manual
  • Probe: Set to desired temperature; auto shifts to warm
  • Program: Set cooking time; auto shifts to warm
  • Manual: Cook as with a traditional slow cooker
  • Clip-tight sealed gasket lid
  • Clip-On Spoon; plastic serving spoon included
  • Mess-free Lid rest and cord wrap
  • Full grip handles
  • Power interruption protection
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • MSRP: $59.99
  • Learn more from manufacturer in U.S.; in Canada

How the Hamilton Beach Set & Forget Slow Cooker Performed

November 29, 2010
Attention to detail is what I noticed first with this Deluxe Set & Forget - it's well made and has plenty of features from a handy lid rest to a place to carry the spoon when transporting the slow cooker, as well as a lid gasket that offers a better seal than most. And of course, you can't miss the sturdy stay cool handles. I cooked all three ways with this slow cooker and my favorite if I wanted to ignore cooking (forget it), was using the meat probe. You can remove the probe from the meat and lid to check it then reinsert it, but it was not necessary - the probe did the monitoring and I liked being able to set the desired temperature and leave it.

During cooking, the display alternates between the current meat temperature and the desired setting, so you know how things are going. When done, it goes to Warm but continues to give you a temperature display. The programming function works well and is handy when you know how much time a recipe needs, but I also found the manual setting nice for some meals, so the cooking choice is ideal.

As for performance, it cooks very well and the good seal (gasket lid) helps tremendously to cut down on the time it takes to reach a gentle simmer. Overall, it cooks faster than some models I've used and I needed to shorten the cooking time for some of my favorite recipes. This was especially noticeable when cooking venison, which usually needs a much longer cooking time to tenderize. It turned out very tender in a shorter time. The lid clips hold it very secure during transport, as well as keep the meal hot till serving time. The large 6 qt. capacity and oval shape makes it very versatile for poultry or more than one roast.

Overall Impression

The choice of three ways to cook is definitely its best attribute, but the Stay or Go style of this Set & Forget slow cooker certainly gives it party appeal. Cooking performance is excellent and that can be attributed somewhat to the lid that seals better than most. As for programming or set-up, the control panel is very easy to understand and use. The slow cooker also washes up nicely.

Overall, the Hamilton Beach Deluxe Set & Forget Slow Cooker looks impressive and tends to grab your 'cooking' attention. The accessories give it style as well as function. Simply put - it's a joy to cook with and you can't wait for the next social, to show it off. As for price, you can't beat the value and function you get with this full-featured slow cooker.

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