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Engaging the Vibrant Now

We were doing an exercise at the TEI Arizona intensive. We were witnessing each other's magnificence.

Does that sound corny, silly, and unrealistic? Well . . . it literally brought tears to my eyes and created such a sensation of overflowing joy that I was momentarily overcome with emotion and a vivid vision of the amazing human being before me exploded into my awareness. This person literally changed before my very eyes – she looked vibrant, beautiful, and alive, her energy was magnificent and a glow permeated her body and reached into the spaces beyond it.

Now this wasn't just one isolated experience, this happened repeatedly over the two weeks. I came to KNOW these 10 people in a way that I don't know my family on the FIRST day. My experience in Arizona has shifted the way I see everything – myself, people, spaces, nature, and inanimate objects. I find that NOTHING is inanimate – everything has life, energy and possibility and the perspective from which we view things dictates their meaning to us.

So, what if we aren't small limited beings with problems and issues and are really mega creators capable of alchemizing each moment into what we choose? That would put quite a spin on our lives, wouldn't it? No more blaming circumstances, people, ourselves, our family, the mood, the weather. We could step into the energetic of a possibility and dance in the creational space. We could leave behind the world of 3D illusion and step into the vibrantly alchemical space of our megabeing-ness.

Does that sound too far out? I mean, do you actually believe it's totally unrealistic to think you're that great, that amazing, that powerful, or that intentional. Well, you could take the alternate route and settle into being ‘just okay' or ‘just enough'. How does that feel? Does being ‘just' anything excite you, energize you, or light you up? I thought not.

Everything is energy, we know that. However, the creational space is pulsing with it. It's intense. It's a definite WOW factor. If this is something that you desire and the possibility seems a little too far for you to reach what is your option? The obvious to me would be to partner with someone who can play in that space with you. Here's how to get started:

• Develop body sensory awareness: engage in guided visualizations, work energetically with your body (there are lots of modalities), get physically connected to your body AND your feelings.

• Step into possibility. Turn off the tapes – or at least turn them down – when thoughts start cranking up telling you that you're silly, it's stupid, who do you think you are. Use some of the performance standbys – suspend disbelief or act as if.

• Explore your relationship with your belief systems and your language patterns. Your language gives you plenty of clues as to what your beliefs are. Notice how you speak to yourself, how you respond to others. Notice any repetitive patterns.

• Work with someone who sees your brilliance. We're not talking lip service here, this is about someone's ability to experience who you are FULLY. It also means that you FEEL that they get you, it's real; it's not ‘supportive talk' or ‘being nice'. It means being in action in your world and living who you are, not who you'd like to be.

• Envision the most amazing life you possibly can and then amp it up even more. We settle for being mere shadows of ourselves. The problem isn't that we don't do what we set out to do but that we set out to do so little.

• Practice being magnificent. Don't know what that looks like yet? Keep practicing. Step into the grander you more and more. Step into it energetically, imaginally – whatever words work for you. Allow the brilliance of who you are to flow into your every moment. Acknowledge it when you see yourself showing up differently. Remember to partner with people who see you REALLY and to witness those around you in their utter mega-ness.

There is a new paradigm for creating change in the world today and it is accessible to you this very minute. All you have to do is choose it. You don't have to do things the old way – with lots of effort, pain and drudgery. All you have to do is choose it NOW.

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