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4 Family Friendly Ventures

Parents love to take their kids on all types of vacation trips; kids love going on trips as well.
The problem comes in parents and kids trying to figure out what kinds of things would interest both of them.
Here are 4 types of trips that both kids and parents will love.
Water parks.
Water parks are made for entire families to participate in.
There are some rides that are only for smaller people, but most of the things they have are for people of all sizes and ages.
For instance, water slides are for everyone.
Younger kids might have more fun splashing around in pools, while older teens will have fun trying their skills within a contained surfing station.
There are also games, restaurants, and shops galore.
Amusement park resorts.
Disneyland, Disney World, Universal Studios...
who doesn't love going to resorts like these? Not every resort is as lavish, but there are many resorts all around the country that have something for the entire family.
For instance, you could take the family to Mall of America in Minneapolis at any time of the year and not only feel like you're in an amusement park, but you can shop, eat, explore, and share in other adventures while you're there.
Camping and national parks.
Talk about adventure! Camping trips and national parks are great for letting kids run around enjoying nature while adults sit around campfires telling stories and eating good food.
Throw in some fishing and hiking and possibly volleyball or games in the evening and it can be nonstop fun.
You also get to decide how much nature you want to have, either by bringing your own camper, renting a lodge, or staying in a hotel and visiting during the day.
There are all sorts of wild and wacky festivals all over the country that you can research and maybe take your kids to see, which you'll also enjoy.
There's the annual Roadkill Festival in Marlinton, WV, or the Wooly Worm Festival in Banner Elk, NC.
How about the annual Alien Festival in Roswell, NM, or the Teddy Bear Festival in Redding, CA? There's something for every individual taste.

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