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What Are Coaster Shelves?


    • Coaster shelves typically come in two types: wall units and corner units. The corner units have three legs that form a triangular design. One leg sits in the corner, while the other two legs sit flush against the two walls. The unit sits snugly in any corner of your home.

      The wall units are like traditional bookshelves because the units have a flat back. The back sits directly against the wall, which adds stability to the shelf. You may find wall-mounted coaster shelves. The units look like coaster shelves, but the smaller size lets you hang the shelves higher on the wall.


    • Coaster shelves resemble cube storage units or modular shelving units. The design consists of different-size cubes in a single shelving unit. The rectangular units have larger and smaller units arranged in a rectangle. Triangle-shape units have smaller shelves at the top that gradually grow larger as you move down the bookcase. Some triangle units feature a rounded base that adds more interest to the piece.


    • The shape of the shelving units gives you more storage for your favorite things. A traditional bookshelf uses shelves of the same shape and size, which limits how much the shelf holds. For taller items, like vases and larger books, traditional bookshelves lack adequate room. Coaster shelves use the same amount of space but give you more room for items of different sizes. Corner shelves of this type make use of space that often goes unused in homes.


    • Before buying a coaster shelf, look at the description from the manufacturer, as some use the term to describe different types of shelving units. As long as the shelf features an angled design, some manufacturers consider the piece a coaster shelf. Cube shelves, which consist of cubes stacked in different arrangements, might use the name "coaster shelf." The Coaster company also produces bookshelves, which might lead to some confusion when shopping for one of the decorative shelving units.

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